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Channel Coast Coverage Area AVG:34.2939546340909:-119.164258897727


Channel Coast Board of Directors

Title Board Member Email
President Bj Aragon bjaragonref@gmail.com
Vice-President Nick Covella ncovella@gmail.com
Secretary-Treasurer Gene Bissinger genebiss@aol.com
Instructional Chair Matt Bennett mb-ref@hotmail.com
Assignor Todd McWherter toddmac101@yahoo.com
Assignor Heidi Peel hpeel93@gmail.com
Ratings Chair Brock Avery tbavery@yahoo.com
Member At-Large David McDermott david.mcdermott@verizon.net
Member At-Large David Mitchell dbmitchell490@yahoo.com
Member At-Large Ken Scott kescotta@aol.com
Member At-Large Maggie Graves maggiecneville@gmail.com
Member At-Large David Kohler dfkea@garnertyler-cpa.com
Member At-Large Ryan McCormick rmccormick33@gmail.com