Instructional Corner Information

To all CBOA Unit Leaders and Instructors:

With the start of the season rapidly approaching, I want to make a few quick announcements.

Attached to this memo you fill find a pdf of the CBOA Pre-Game Card/Court Diagram. This item will also be available on the CBOA website.

Below, I have outlined the CBOA recommendations for the upcoming season. These recommendations offer guidance for CBOA instructors and game officials in areas that are not included in NFHS or NASO resources.

Finally, I have identified some errors in our instructional material. Correct language is provided. Please make the appropriate changes in your Membership Handbooks and Instructor's Guides.

As always, your feedback is welcome. If you discover any other errors in our instructional material, please let me know. Thanks.

Matt Bennett
CBOA Instructional Chair

The following recommendations were made to CBOA Unit Leadership and Instructional Chairs at the CBOA Executive Council Meeting on October 8th, 2016.

The following errors were found in our instructional material: